Fire Fighting / Panel Boards

Fire Fighting is the act of extinguishing fires. A fire fighting system suppresses and extinguishes fires to protect lives and to prevent the destruction of property and of the environment. Fire fighting system is mandatory systems as per NBC guidelines in specified buildings with specific hazard classification. It is a Network of Pipes designed to carry water or any other extinguishing agent when heat of fire is detected through sprinklers, smoke or heat is detected by sensors etc., or otherwise have the hydrant points and handy hose reel drums charged with high pressure water to enable the fire extinguishing from the nearest point of fire. All the Fire Fighting or suppression system work on Automatic mode to avoid manual intervention, delay and assure the action of extinguishing fire is done at the earliest stage of fire, however we notice many fire incidents happen in a well equipped buildings, though the building is well equipped with fire fighting systems the systems are not maintained regularly as required to help it perform when it is most required.